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第一部分 英語(1-10)

Part One

Direction: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then, mark the letter A. B. C or D on your answer sheet.

1. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before they are fully _____.

A. admitted

B. acknowledged 

C. absorbed

D. considered

2. The boy slipped out of the room and headed for the swimming pool without his parents' _____.

A. command 

B. conviction

C. consent 

D. compromise

3. The new secretary has written a remarkably _____ report only in a few pages but with all the details.

A. concise

B. clear

C. precise

D. elaborate

4.It was a great _____ for him to be pleasant to people he didn't like.

A. attempt

B. trouble

C. power

D. effort

5.His new appointment takes _____ from the beginning of next month.

A. place

B. effect

C. post 

D. office

6. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and _____ him of speeding.

A. charged 

B. accused

C. blamed

D. deprived

7. Mr. Smith gradually _____ a knowledge of the subject.

A. attained 

B. achieved

C. required

D. acquired

8. My camera can be _____ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions.

A. treated

B. adopted

C. adjusted 

D. remedied

9. The number of tickets _____ will be determined by the size of the stadium.

A. adaptable

B. acceptable

C. advisable

D. available

10. The reason why he adapted to the new situations quickly is that he has a _____ attitude.

A. changeable

B. alternate

C. movable 

D. flexible

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